Ormoglass Hst Test Pen

Product Details

ORMOGLAS HST test pen is a solvent-based coloured lacquer for checking the heat treatment in the production of ESC. HS.

ORMOGLAS HST test pins are very easy to use.
For correct use, a violet
dot is applied to the glass with the test pin before tempering on the ESC. The dot turns light blue when tempered Correct temperature and duration reached in the heat soak test.

ORMOGLAS HST test pins are dye-based.


Product Details

Chemical characterization:
Hybrid paint

Preferred substrates:
Flat glass after tempering, before the heat soak test

Typical application technique:
felt pen

Application properties:

by heat soak test

Colour change from violet to light blue due to a correctly performed heat soak test

Available colours:



ORMOGLASS colour coatings