Ormojet Inkjet

Product Information

Inks from the ORMOJET INKJET series were developed for use in INKJET printers. They have been successfully tested with print heads from Epson. We offer different ink series for different requirements.

The 6.797 series inks are dye-based hybrid inks for general applications, preferably on non-absorbent surfaces. The 6.797 series is designed for use with DX-4 printheads.

The inks of the 7.0025 series are pigment-based hybrid inks for general requirements, preferably on non-absorbent surfaces. An outstanding feature of the inks is their universal usability for a wide variety of print media such as glass, steel, plastic or leather. Coloring with pigments achieves greater authenticity than colouring with dyes. Opaque white is available as an additional colour. The 7.0025 series is designed for use with DX-4 printheads.

The inks of the 9.4302 series have a similar range of properties to the 7.0025 series. The 9.4302 series was developed for use with DX-5, DX-6 and modern DX-7 printheads. The solvents in the 9.4302 series are particularly gentle on the plastic parts in printers.

Areas of application for the ORMOJET INKJET inks are mainly large-format plotters based on print heads from Epson or compatible print heads. The software-controlled printing process must be adapted to the ORMOJET INKJET inks. They are therefore not suitable for Deskjet printers, for which only standard printer drivers are available.


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