Ormojet Inkjet Serie 6.797

Product Information

ORMOJET INKJET 6.797 inks are dye-based hybrid inks for general applications, preferably on non-absorbent surfaces. The 6.797 series was developed for use with DX-4 printheads.

The prints are mainly suitable for indoor use.

6.797 series inks are available in cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


Product Details

Chemical characterization:
Hybrid ink, colored by dyes

Application technique:
Printing with inkjet

In many applications, explicit hardening is not necessary. If necessary, thermal curing can be carried out at temperatures up to 180°C.

Preferred substrates:
The 6.797 series inks are specially designed for printing on non-absorbent substrates. Good adhesion can often be achieved even on very difficult substrates. Prints are mainly suitable for indoor use.

Available colours:
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black


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