Ormojet Inkjet Outdoor

Product Information

Inks from the ORMOJET INKJET OUTDOOR series were specially developed for use in INKJET printers for outdoor use. They have been successfully tested with print heads from Epson. We offer adapted versions for the different print heads.

The inks of the ORMOJET INKJET OUTDOOR series are pigment-based hybrid inks that were developed for all common print heads. The pigments contained in the ink are specially designed for outdoor use, which is why we can guarantee lightfastness for this ink for 50 years.

The ink is designed for printing on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces.

Areas of application for the ORMOJET INKJET OUTDOOR are mainly large-format plotters based on print heads from Epson or compatible print heads. Application examples are printing on photovoltaic units, stainless steel and glass facades and church windows.

Product Details

Chemical characterization:
Hybrid ink, colored by pigments

Application technique:
Printing with inkjet

In many applications, explicit hardening is not necessary. If necessary, thermal curing can be carried out at temperatures up to 180°C.

Preferred substrates:
The inks of the outdoor series are especially suitable for printing on smooth, non-absorbent substrates for outdoor use.

Available colours:
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White


ORMOJET INKJET Serie 6.797 für den Digitaldruck


OMROJET INKJET Serie 7.0025 für Digitaldruck

ORMOJET INKJET Series 7.0025

ORMOJET INKJET Serie 9.4302 für den Digitaldruck

ORMOJET INKJET Series 9.4302