Ormosol  S

Product Information

ORMOSOL S is a colour coating for bulk goods, such as glass beads, and convinces with the fact that the material used hardly sticks together when coloured.

The colour of our coating is specially mixed according to customer requirements.

The colour is mainly applied by colouring bulk material in the mixer.


Product Details

Chemical characterization:
Hybrid paint

Preferred substrates:

Typical application technique:
Coating of bulk media in a mixer

Application properties:
Good levelling

If necessary 160-180°C

Coloured, transparent

Available colours:
According to customers specification


ORMOSOL 135 Sol Gel Beschichtung für Glas


ORMOSOL 110 Ätzimitat Sol Gel Beschichtung für Glas

ORMOSOL 110 Ätzimitat

ORMOSOL Ormochrome ist eine spiegelnde Beschichtung für Glas. Hier ein Weinglas als Beispiel.

ORMOSOL Ormochrome

ORMOSOL metallic Sol Gel Beschichtung für Oberflächen

ORMOSOL  metallic

ORMOSOL Silberschutz Sol Gel Beschichtung für Edelmetalloberflächen

ORMOSOL Silberschutz